Wematter’s SLS 3D printer Gravity enters the UK market

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Wematter Gravity at Ortho3D

Swedish 3D printer manufacturer Wematter signed a reseller agreement with Ortho3D. The agreement establishes the company in the UK market by offering the company’s advanced SLS technology in a user-friendly hardware and software solution. Ortho3D provides software and hardware solutions to the orthopaedic industry.

Wematter’s sales and service agreement is a step in its growth and internationalization. The company’s new foothold in the UK market is a positive test of its technology and supply chain on an international scale.

“The partnership with Ortho3D means that we are taking an important step into the UK market. I am also pleased to see that our trade show and marketing activities are having an impact. That we are making important business contacts in Europe. We are looking forward to the  Gravity printer entering the orthotics market and it feels great that we at Wematter can help such an important industry”, said Robert Kniola, CEO, and founder of Wematter.

Ortho3D begins sales of Wematter’s products immediately. Read more about Ortho3D on their website here.

About Wematter AB (publ)

Wematter’s pioneering end-to-end solution is broadening commercial opportunities in a market that is set to grow sevenfold in four years and is currently worth €5 billion. Wematter’s €100 000 solution makes it easier and faster for developers to create new products, or for workshops to produce durable and fully functional spare parts. The product-as-a-service business model creates the conditions for stable and recurring revenues from rent and the company’s sale of manufacturing materials.

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