We are pleased to announce the latest exciting addition to the Gravity SLS 3D printer: Aurora ESD

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PCB cover printed with Aurora ESD

We are pleased to announce the latest exciting material to be added to the Gravity SLS printer, Aurora ESD. The material is a bio-based powder suited for electronics applications.

Static electricity is a very serious problem in electronics manufacturing that can damage or completely destroy electronic components. Aurora ESD is designed to protect these sensitive components so that electrostatic discharge cannot occur.

Aurora ESD creates new manufacturing possibilities as 3D printing is unleashed on yet another industry. Wematter’s new ESD material is based on the proven Aurora PA11. The new material is reinforced with carbon fibre that imbues the material with conductive properties and makes the material stiffer. With Aurora ESD, electronics manufacturers can produce strong, precise tools and fixtures ready for the industrial floor.

Control units in vehicles

Vehicle control unit covers are another common application for ESD-safe 3D printing. An ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is an embedded system of hardware and software that controls one or more functional areas of a vehicle, such as an infotainment system or climate control. Additive manufacturing vehicle control units speeds up the production of the first test series of new self-driving vehicles.

Pneumatic conveyance

Another application for ESD-safe components is in machines that use pneumatic conveying. This form of conveyance involves moving material in a closed pipe system with an air stream’s kinetic energy. An application of Aurora ESD in this context are nozzles for vacuum cleaners. Wematter’s Gravity 3D printer has several systems of this type. They are used to move powder from an Aurora package via a patented interface when the operator fills new material in the machine, prior to printing when powder is brought into the chamber, and after printing as powder is emptied from the machine.

Aurora ESD powder package with printed parts

Aurora ESD powder packaging and 3D printed circuit board enclosures.

The Gravity 3D printer handles a wide range of materials

Wematter’s SLS 3D printer Gravity boasts an architecture that processes a diverse range of materials. Wematter is continuously working to develop new custom materials with characteristics that meet different target groups’ needs. Aurora ESD is the latest addition to the materials portfolio.

About Wematter

Wematter manufactures advanced office-sized Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printers. The company exists to accelerate the move towards additive manufacturing by lowering barriers to entry. Its innovative 3D-printing SLS technology lets companies quickly prototype ideas, which increases overall design and engineering efficiency.

The Wematter team

Wematter’s Nordic roots suffuse the company’s creative cycle. The team focuses on balancing user experience, ease of use, sustainability, and performance in all of its activities. The resulting quality and reliability are testaments to not just a client focus but to corporate responsibility in the face of a changing environment and industrial landscape.

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