Wematter issues 4M EUR of shares to democratize 3D printing

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Swedish 3D printer manufacturer Wematter has recently issued new shares to expand the company’s sales, marketing, and production in an effort to democratize 3D printing. This move is supported by investments from the company’s existing owners.

The new investment was raised through a directed offering of 2.6 million EUR in new shares during the spring. This effort was supported with a total of 1.4 million EUR of shares from existing owners, management, and the board of directors. Institutional and private investors are among the new owners, including major owners of Betsson and an additive manufacturing industrialist. Stockholm Corporate Finance acted as financial advisor.

Since last year, Wematter’s sales department has kept pace with the company’s mission to democratize 3D printing. The department added four new staff members and one sales manager. At the time of writing, Wematter is in the process of further staff recruitment. The most recent hires include staff with experience at startup companies, and with backgrounds in additive manufacturing.

“I am personally proud that we attracted people with similar experience from another Swedish company within our industry. Our new hires have 30 years of combined experience in 3D printing and additive manufacturing. It proves our appeal as a company, and it puts us in a great position for the next step in our growth.” – Robert Kniola, founder and CEO of Wematter.

Wematter was founded in 2014 and has since grown to a staff of 25 employees. The company has operated out of its offices near Linköping Central Station for the past two years. Wematter’s flagship product is the Gravity 2021 SLS 3D-printer, which is offered along with accompanying equipment and software as a system solution for Additive Manufacturing. Wematter’s main customer base is in the manufacturing industry and among technology consultants, with additional customers in the healthcare industry and among medical technology companies.

Robert Kniola refilling powder to Gravity 3D printer

Wematter’s CEO Robert Kniola demonstrates Gravity’s patented powder refill solution

Dares to invest in something that lasts

“For many within the Swedish industrial sector, it’s been a challenge to raise venture capital during the current pandemic. However, I believe that we have succeeded by offering a sustainable product along with long-term business relationships. We’re pleased to welcome new investors who share this vision for our company: having a product and an offer that makes a difference for our customers.

“This new share issue enables a market introduction and a production start-up which, along with broader ownership, paves the way for an upcoming market listing,” explains Håkan Dahllöf, Chair of Wematter’s Board.

“We will primarily use the new funds to employ sales staff, and to continue running research projects for new materials and other product development. We are also looking at efficiently scaling up our production process with external suppliers in order to further develop our long-term plan,” concludes Robert Kniola.

About Wematter

Wematter manufactures advanced office-sized selective laser sintering 3D printers. The company exists to democratize the move towards additive manufacturing by lowering barriers to entry. Its innovative 3D-printing SLS technology lets companies quickly prototype ideas, which increases overall design and engineering efficiency.

Wematter’s Nordic roots suffuse the company’s creative cycle. The team focuses on balancing user experience, ease of use, sustainability, and performance in all of its activities. Such a balance helps democratize 3D printing by opening the technology The resulting quality and reliability are testaments to not just a client focus but to corporate responsibility in the face of a changing environment and industrial landscape.

Wematter attracts top customers like Siemens, Volvo, and Husqvarna. The company was founded by design engineers working with FDM SLA and FDM 3D printers, injection molding, and CNC-milling. Since its inception in 2014, Wematter has delivered 3D printers and 3D-printed components to car manufacturers, hospitals, and aerospace clients.
For more information about Wematter visit www.wematter3d.com or follow on YouTube.



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