Wematter Makes it Easier to Use SLS 3D-printing With the Launch of Wematter BlasThing Cabinet Built with Swedish DNA for the Next Generation of Easy to Use SLS 3D Printing Technology.


Wematter expands their offering with a new hardware product for cleaning SLS (selective laser sintering) 3D-prints without expensive infrastructure.

Linköping, Sweden, December 2019 – Wematter, the designer and manufacturer of a powerful and accessible SLS 3D-printing System, has today announced the addition of a new advanced cleaning solution for SLS post-processing: the BlasThing Cabinet.

Wematter has launched another hardware product, as part of the Wematter family, to help customers to clean SLS-3D-prints in an easy and accessible manner.


Leading the way to the powder free SLS

One of the biggest problem with powder bed 3D-printers like SLS is to handle the powder in a safe manner. Another problem is to get rid of excess powder in an effective way. The conventional way of removing loose and partly solidified powder has been with compressed air and vacuuming and that takes time and leads to powder being everywhere.

Wematter has been working hard to provide a solution to that problem by introducing the BlasThing cabinet. By using a closed system with recirculating water and a unique filtering system Wematter can provide a totally safe, easy to use and powder free approach for cleaning SLS 3D-prints in a very fast way. By using pressurized water up to 100 bars the extraction and cleaning of the 3D-printed components takes seconds and the water binds the powder and prevents the powder from spreading. The water passes through filters and the main filter is easily accessible through a door at the front.

The high pressure is used for cleaning the parts quick and effective but also to get inside of cavities and also to extract powder from narrow passages.

“There where two main driving factors that lead to the creation of BlasThing Cabinet was to reduce the risk of spreading powder and to find an effective solution for extracting powder from cavities.” – Robert Kniola, founder and CEO

No expensive infrastructure

The BlasThing cabinet is filled with tap-water and because the water is recirculated there is no need for a sewer nor water connection. The only need is a normal 230v socket for powering the pump and light.

“The main goal is to lower the barriers of entry for advanced printing technologies such as SLS which empower engineers and designers to accelerate and innovate directly at their office or laboratory.” – Robert Kniola

The main benefits

  • A user friendly solution for removing powder from SLS 3D-printed components
  • Quick installation with only one power socket needed
  • Easy accessible powder filter
  • No need for water nor sewage system
  • Big window, spacious working area and bright working light
  • Stainless grid preventing small 3D-printed parts flushing away

About Wematter

Wematter is a Swedish manufacturer making advanced SLS 3D-printing technology accessible to companies wanting to accelerate their product development and additive manufacturing efforts. Wematter also develops its own suite of pioneering 3D printing software that makes it easier for more designers, engineers and manufacturers to use SLS 3D-printing for the next generation of products.

With it’s nordic DNA focusing on user experience, easy of use, sustainability and performance Wematter attracts top customers like Siemens, Volvo and Husqvarna. The company, founded by design engineers working with FDM SLA, FDM 3D printers and also injection moulding and CNC-milling. From the founding year of 2014 Wematter has delivered 3D-printers and 3D-prints to car-manufacturers, hospitals and airplane factories. For more information about Wematter visit www.wematter3d.com or follow on YouTube.




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