Aurora PA6 AM – Heat-resistant material broadens Wematter’s offering

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PA6 is one of the most widely used technical plastics in the manufacturing industry

– Aurora PA6 AM is designed to withstand higher temperatures

Swedish 3D printer manufacturer Wematter makes advanced industrial technology available in a user-friendly, all-in-one solution. The company is now introducing Aurora PA6 AM, a material that can withstand higher temperatures without compromising mechanical properties. The material is used in the aerospace and automotive industries. Aurora PA6 AM broadens the company’s relevance in national and international markets. The journey towards more and new additive manufacturing materials is moving fast. In 2021 alone, Wematter has launched two new materials, TPU and ESD, and now Aurora PA6 AM is also on its way.

The Aurora PA6 AM is a material that can withstand being produced at a higher temperature than other existing materials. Once cooled, Aurora PA 6 AM’s properties include increased stiffness and mechanical strength. The base material in this newest offering, Polyamide 6, is sought after in the aerospace and automotive industries. Components in these industries, such as gears and other engine components, can be subjected to heavy loads. Such mission-critical components must maintain their strength even at high temperatures.

“Developing new materials and thus being able to broaden the scope of use of the SLS 3D printer Gravity is incredibly important and exciting for us. Of course, we want Gravity to work for as many people as possible, and, since plastics are used in so many different components, we need to have materials for different applications,” says Robert Kniola, founder and CEO of Wematter.

Technical specifications for Aurora PA6 AM

Property Value Unit
Melting point 215 °C
Tensile modulus 2 150 MPa
Tensile strength 60 MPa
Elongation at break 15 %

About Wematter (publ)

Wematter manufactures advanced office-sized Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printers. The company exists to accelerate the move towards additive manufacturing by lowering barriers to entry. Its innovative 3D-printing SLS technology lets companies quickly prototype ideas, which increases overall design and engineering efficiency.

The Wematter team

Wematter’s Nordic roots suffuse the company’s creative cycle. The team focuses on balancing user experience, ease of use, sustainability, and performance in all of its activities. The resulting quality and reliability are testaments to not just a client focus but to corporate responsibility in the face of a changing environment and industrial landscape.

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