Time estimation for your 3D prints in real time

David BoströmSoftware

Have you ever stood in a queue without knowing how long it will be before it’s your turn? We all know how frustrating this uncertainty can be, especially when you have a deadline to make. With a new update for Wematter’s software Deep Space, this uncertainty becomes history thanks to the time estimation feature!

In our latest software update, a new function calculates how long a print job will take. Deep Space calculates this when you upoad the models to the program. It then updates the estimate with each change that you make. The software does this based on the current build volume and speed of the laser in the 3D-printer. The software then rounds it off to the closest number of hours.

To make it easier to see how large the current build volume is, a height meter has been added in connection with the build scene. A line on this scale indicates the current height of the volume and next to this line is the time estimation for the print job.

In the Deep Space software a height indicator in shown which the time estimation is based on

Deep Space shows in height how large the current build volume is.

Packing density warning

If you place too many models on the scene, in relation to the current build volume, a warning will now also show. This warning is in the form of a triangle symbol next to the job time estimation. It activates when the packing density exceeds a certain percentage of the current build volume.

This is a support to make the user aware of how the placement of the models can affect their properties. When you place two or more objects too close to each other, thermal effects will influence both their mechanical and geometric properties.

A warning symbol is displayed when the packing density exceeds a certain percentage of the current build volume.