Thinner goods and walls with new software

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New software makes it possible to print thinner goods

Wematter presents a whole new software which adapts Wematter Gravity’s inner system to handle thinner goods and allows printing of finer models with higher precision.

3D-printed model with thin walls

Wematter’s could software Deep Space can by analyzing 3D-models now detect geometries that are thin or extra hard to print and adapt the machine for the tougher task. It is these improvements that make it possible to increase performance by almost 200 %. As a result of this we are able to offer existing customers to print details and walls under 1 mm.

Thinner wall laser detection

The software has the ability to detect geometries where for example the standard laser diameter is too large to print a certain thickness. By first analyzing the problem in both 3D and 2D, Deep Space then adapts the instructions to the 3D-printer Gravity to be able to handle tougher geometries.

Thinner wall laser detection

The advantage of a cloud service and a 3D-printer as a Service

We have already upgraded all customer machines with the help of automatic remote updates. This means that Wematter once again shows the value of renting a 3D-printer instead of purchasing them. By continuously increasing the performance over the rental period, customer satisfaction increases, which often leads to a higher level of powder consuption (Gravity’s printing material) which Wematter then can reinvest for future product updates.

Gravity 3D-printer and Density cleaning cabinet

Find below a video showing examples of the new improvements in form of thinner models.

About Wematter

Wematter is a Swedish manufacturer that makes advanced SLS 3D printing technology available to companies looking to accelerate their product development and additive manufacturing. Wematter also develops its own suite of cutting-edge 3D-printing software that makes it easier for designers, engineers and manufacturers to use SLS 3D printing for the next generation of products.

Wematter team

With Wematters DNA, the focus is on the user experience, simplicity, durability and performance. This makes Wematter attractive to top customers such as Siemens, Volvo and Husqvarna. The company was founded by mechanical engineers who worked with SLS, SLA, FDM 3D printers and also injection molding and CNC milling. Since its founding in 2014, Wematter has delivered 3D printers and 3D prints to car manufacturers, hospitals and aerospace factories. For more information about Wematter visit or follow us on YouTube.


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