New COO was needed when Wematter expand and gears up to increase production capacity.

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Joakim Öfverström, COO at Wematter

Wematter continues to expand and gears up to increase production capacity. For this, an on-site COO was needed. Joakim Öfverström took on this challenge in May 2022. And we took his pulse to get to know him better. What is your role at Wematter? I am employed as COO (Chief Operating Officer), meaning I am responsible for strengthening the company’s … Läs mer

Optical Identification System for safer material handling

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Optical Identification System

At Wematter, we are constantly working on the development of our products and our main focus remains always user-friendliness and safety. It should be easy and safe to use the SLS 3D printer Gravity ecosystem. With this in mind, and to further support decentralized production models, we are now launching an Optical Identification System. This feature will make sure that … Läs mer