Cutting edge SLS 3D printer technology

Wematter Gravity

Worlds´s strongest SLS-prints for manufacturing.

    • Big prints with laser precision
    • SLS-quality but with higher strength
    • Prepared for bulk production
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Easy to use SLS 3D-printer

Wematter SLS Print

Strong & flexible

SLS 3D prints that are both strong and flexible. Our process and our material create some unique 3D prints that can be bent, go back to their original shape, and do not break into thousands of small pieces…

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Innovative Powder Container

Refill Wematter Gravity in a very easy way with our patented powder packaging.

Pick up the package, turn around and Gravity empties the powder container in just a few seconds.

3D utskrift

We have the world’s easiest way to refill powder.

Wematter Gravity


The only machine of its kind, a single plug and you get the same benefits as a SLS-machine but with stronger parts produced.

Wematter Cloud


No software required, no powerful computers, we are using the power of thousands of computers to create the future’s 3D prints.
Wematter Service


No more service plans, material outages or downtime just when you need your delivery. We fix everything through our rental service.

SLS at the office

With fiber reinforced industrial plastics, controlled climate and advanced algorithms in the cloud, we can offer the world’s strongest 3D printing at the office.

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Wematter Stacker

Production with 3D-printing

With Wematter , you can produce end products directly, we help you to pack 3D prints with our cloud service. We’ve developed smart algorithms that take several different 3D objects and put them as closely as possible in the machine to get your prints as fast as possible and with less powder used in the process.
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Wematter Eco-system

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