The differences between renting and buying a 3D printer

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If your company is considering investing in a 3D printer, you need to know the pros and cons of renting or buying this expensive equipment.

In recent years, the market has embraced renting high-end equipment rather than purchasing it. Coffee machines, photocopiers, and printers have been marketed in the rental space for some time. Other business machines are now populating the space. 3D printers are a prime example of a new kind of device entering the rental space. Many see the benefits of the rental concept, both in the short and long term and from a financial as well as a risk minimization perspective. Wematter strives to make renting a 3D printer as obvious a choice as renting a 2D printer.

The differences between renting your equipment and investing the full amount at once are many. For example, buying usually leaves you without service and free repairs, as opposed to renting, which is often included because the selling company owns the equipment. For Wematter, which provides both hardware and software, we also guarantee that our rental customers always have the latest version of our software systems. If you choose to purchase the system instead, this option is only available at an additional cost.

To make a sustainable investment, you need to know the pros and cons of renting or buying 3D printing equipment

To make a sustainable investment, you need to know the pros and cons of renting or buying 3D printing equipment

Advantages of renting your 3D-printer

  • Fixed monthly cost
  • Includes installation, service, and support
  • You get away from wear-and-tear behavior, which is better for the environment
  • You don’t have to think about transporting the equipment, installing it, and possibly removing it
  • You always have the latest version of software and hardware

Advantages of buying your 3D-printer

  • Lump-sum
  • You own the equipment and can do what you want with it
  • You can choose to sell the equipment after use and thus recoup part of your investment

Renting SLS 3D printing system

Download our summary 5 benefits of renting your SLS 3D system

An ecosystem for SLS 3D printing

Wematters’ business model is based on rental agreements with customers, for most customers find renting SLS 3D printers easier and more convenient. Wematter provides an entire ecosystem with its Gravity SLS 3D printer, the Deep Space software platform, the Density cleaning station, and the Inertia powder collector. Wematter’s standard lease for these machines includes on-site installation, training, service, and support. Same additive manufacturers prefer outright ownership, and Wematter is happy to oblige. We now also offer our machines for purchase alongside our leasing model.

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About Wematter

Swedish 3D printing company Wematter’s pioneering solution gives hospitals, offices, and workshops access to a comprehensive system. For the first time, employees can easily print components themselves with the same strength and quality as traditional technology. Wematter’s proprietary end-to-end solution enables customers to accelerate product development and in-house volume production. At the same time, the system creates the conditions for increased flexibility, lower risk and reduced manufacturing and development costs.

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