Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Wematter’s digital channels

Wematter AB (publ) (”us” in this document) takes personal integrity very seriously. Visitors of our websites, users of services provided on these websites, and users visiting our social media or customer service (“e-mail & telephone”).

Our goal is that you should trust us to respect your privacy and that your personal data are handled correctly. We ensure that any personal data processed by Wematter are used solely for the intended purpose, and are protected against unauthorized access. All processing of personal data within Wematter is done in accordance with applicable personal data legislation, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) within the EU/EES.

This privacy policy applies to all of the Wematter digital channels. If any other, more specific privacy policy is published in one of the digital channels handled by a legal person within Wematter, that policy will have priority over this policy.

Over and above the processing of personal data made via the digital channels of, we also process your personal data about you as sender and recipient, when providing the services that Wematter offers via our digital and other channels. In case any of the conditions for any of the services offered via the Wematter digital channels include more specific personal data requirements, such requirements will have precedence over this privacy policy for the service in question.

What is personal data, and what is “personal data processing”?

Personal data is any information that directly, or indirectly in combination with other data can be connected to a living, physical person. This means that data such as name, contact information, IP addresses, submissions to competitions (by Wematter), competition choices made and behaviors compose personal data, alone or combined. Any action taken with the personal data constitutes “processing”, regardless of the automation degree. It could be entirely manual. This includes the collection, registration, organization, structuring, storing, processing, modification, generation, reading, usage, releasing by transmission/distribution or provision in any other way, adjustment or consolidation, limitation, deletion, or destruction of personal data.

Wematter’s processing of personal data

What personal data is collected and when is it deleted?

When you visit/use our digital channels or use their services or communicate with us in our digital channels, we may register data such as name, address, postal address, e-mail, telephone number, personal ID data, and information about your usage of the Wematter products and services, transactional history, and for specific services also images and geographical data. Where applicable, social security number and credit/debit card information be processed. Furthermore, Wematter may collect technical data about the units used by you to access the Wematter digital channels, including IP addresses, unique entity IDs, type of web browser, and cookie information. The data gathering described here occurs by various means. For example, by you entering your personal data in various forms in our digital channels or their services, or when you communicate with Wematter and others via the Wematter platforms in social media, give feedback in our contact forms or via telephone, download reports from Wematter websites, or by enlisting for events arranged by Wematter.

When contacting us via customer service functions in our digital channels, e.g. when lodging a claim, your contact information and the subject of your claim will be processed by us.

If you visit or communicate with us via our social media accounts (i.e. third-party platforms such as Facebook and Twitter), Wematter may receive information concerning your profile and your interactions at these third-party platforms from the supplier of said platforms.

Wematter has placed so-called “cookies” in several of our digital channels. Via these cookies, data about how you use the Digital Channel is collected. This personal data will be processed by us only as long as it is needed to fulfill the purpose of the process or to fulfill the legal obligations of Wematter. Read more about the cookies used in our Cookie policy.

Recruitments and recruitment-related data collection

When applying for a job at Wematter, we will collect personal data from you to complete the recruitment. We collect your full name, telephone number, and email address, and will have access to any personal data that you bring in your application documents (e.g. social security number and address).

When a candidate advances in the recruitment process, we will also ask for contact information from references that can contribute information about the candidate. It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that the reference approves that their name and telephone number are shared.

When a job offer is made, complete contact information is collected, i.e. first and last name, address, telephone number, email address, and social security number. We will also accept data that you choose to provide us with, e.g. information about allergies or health conditions. In addition, we will collect information that enables salary payments. When employed, we will also request all employees to provide contact information to a close relative that we can contact in case of an emergency.

For what purposes are the personal data processed?

The personal data concerning you which is collected in relation to your usage of the digital channels and their services will be processed by Wematter for the following purposes.

  • To enable us to provide the products and services that you have ordered, and to manage our contracts with you and your organization
  • To communicate with you via customer service, e-mail forms, and our social media.
  • For marketing purposes, including marketing via email (which you can unregister via a link included in every email sent to you).
  • To analyze and group visitors according to selection, prioritization, and preferences. This means that “profiling” occurs, with the explicit purpose to provide you with information, recommendations, ads, and offerings tailored to you and your needs. It is also conceivable that Wematter will develop products and services based on this information.
  • To process your payments, or to discover and prevent fraud.
  • To extract statistics on usage of our digital channels and their services.
  • To maintain, develop, test, and improve our digital channels and the technical platforms that they are provided on.

Legal ground and legitimate interests for personal data processing

Wematter always treats your personal data per applicable laws and regulations. We process your personal data if necessary to fulfill an agreement with you, or to answer your requests about customer service, and when we have other legitimate interests in processing your personal data, e.g. when we have an interest in advertising ourselves to visitors of our digital channels, or an interest in developing our digital channels. If Wematter were to process your personal data for a reason which applicable laws require your consent, we will collect your consent in advance via a check-box, which you will be requested to click.

Personal data security

Keeping your personal data is a matter of highest priority at Wematter, and we implement relevant and appropriate safety measures, both technical and organizational, to keep your personal data safe from unauthorized access, change, distribution, or elimination.

Limitations in the sharing of personal data

Wematter can hire external partners (suppliers) to execute tasks on behalf of Wematter, e.g. to provide IT services, provide payment solutions, or support with marketing, analytics, or statistical analysis. Wematter may share personal data with third parties such as the police or other governmental authorities to aid said authorities in criminal investigations, or when we for other reasons are legally obliged to share such information based on legal requirements or governmental decisions. Wematter will only share your personal data in the context described in this paragraph. In any other context, your personal data will not be shared.

External links

This integrity policy applies to your personal data processed by Wematter within the framework of our digital channels. The digital channels of Wematter can sometimes include links to external websites or services which we cannot control. If you follow a link to an external website, you will be encouraged to read the principles for personal data processing and information about cookies that apply to the website in question.

Your right to information and right to register complaints

You have a right to, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations on personal data, at any time have access to the personal data processed by Wematter, to have erroneous information corrected, and to have Wematter delete your personal data and to delete them, to have the processing of your personal data limited, to exercise your rights to data portability, and to object to the processing or treatment of your personal data. If you wish to exercise your rights, please contact Wematter via the address stated below.

You also have the right to at any time submit a complaint to appropriate authorities if you consider your personal data to have been processed in violation of applicable personal data legislation.

Processing the personal data of children

The digital channels by Wematter do not target children, and Wematter, therefore, doesn’t knowingly collect the personal data of children. If you as a guardian become aware that your child has shared personal data with Wematter, we respectfully ask you to contact us via the addresses for deletion or corrections of personal data which we have provided below.

Contact information

If you have questions regarding how Wematter process your personal data, you are welcome to contact Wematter via or via mail to:

Wematter AB
Södra Oskarsgatan 4
582 73 Linköping Sweden

Changes of this integrity policy

Wematter may edit this policy. The latest version will always be available on the Wematter website.