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Below we have listed articles written about Wematter in industry media and other press.


3D Adept Media
2020-11-11 Meet the Gravity 2021 3D-printer, Wematter’s SLS new machine

3D Grenzenlos Magazin
2020-11-16 Schwedisches 3D-Druckunternehmen Wematter stellt mit „Gravity 2021“ neuen SLS-3D-Drucker vor

3DP Norge
2020-11-13 Wematter: “Vårt mest avanserte produkt”
2020-06-23 Programvare oppgraderes til 2.0
2020-06-05 Software for tynnere deler
2019-12-17 Wematter satser på etterbehandlingen
2017-02-02 Utleie av 3D-printere på gang i Sverige
2016-11-22 Svensk forskning for fiberarmerte 3d-utskrifter

3D Print
2020-11-13 Formnext 2020 Roundup: New 3D Printing Hardware, Materials and Partnerships

3D Printing Industry
2019-11-14 Swedish startup Wematter launches Gravity 2020

2020-11-12 Wematter bringt SLS 3D-Drucker mit verbesserter Leistung auf den Markt
2019-12-05 Wematter bringt Gravity 2020 SLS 3D-Drucker auf den Markt

3D Printing Media
2020-11-10 Wematter launches SLS 3D printer with improved performance and new thermal design
2020-06-12 Wematter’s Gravity SLS 3D printer gets Deep Space 2.0 software update
2019-12-04 Wematter launches Gravity 2020 SLS 3D printer and BlasThing Cabinet

All 3DP
2020-11-13 New Products & News from Formnext 2020

Stampare in 3D
2020-11-11 Wematter Gravity 2021 SLS

Swiat Drukarek 3D
2020-11-16 Wematter wprowadza drukarkę 3D SLS o ulepszonej wydajności i nowej konstrukcji

TCT Magazine
2020-11-11 Swedish firm Wematter launches Gravity 2021 SLS 3D printing system


2020-11-10 Wematter: “Vår mest avancerade produkt”
2020-08-10 Markera mera i Deep Space
2020-06-17 Mjukvara uppgraderas till 2.0
2020-06-03 Mjukvara ska bidra till tunnare delar
2020-04-02 Wematter vill ta fram grafenpulver
2017-09-07 Svenska ortopeder skriver ut frakturer för bättre behandling
2017-01-31 Svensk 3D-skrivarutvecklare på gång med hyrtjänst
2016-12-20 Svensk forskning för fiberarmerade 3D-utskrifter
2016-07-07 Svensk skog ska bli 3D-utskrivna proteser
2015-08-03 3D-akuten blir en del av Wematter
2015-09-24 Wematter tar in ny finansiering

2017-02-01 Wematter spelar roll

2020-09-08 Desktop SLS 3D printers: the best powder printers

2017-01-31 Wematter fyller kassan, nu tar 3D-bolaget över Ericssons lokaler

2017-01-31 3D-bolag tar över före detta Ericsson-lokaler
2019-08-29 De skriver ut frakturer till läkare

Dagens Industri
2017-01-31 Wematter tar över Ericssons lokaler

Entreprenörsdriv (podcast)
2017-01-22 3D-skrivare och starup-kultur med Wematter

Entreprenörspodden (podcast)
2020-07-20 Få ditt företag att växa

2020-06-11 Wematter Updates 3D Print Software

Ny Teknik
2019-11-27 Flera genombrott för svensk printerutvecklare
2017-12-01 Wematter gör världens starkaste 3D-utskrifter i plast
2017-06-08 Plast halverar vikten men klarar belastning
2016-04-12 3D-skrivarna måste bevisa sitt värde
2016-04-12 Bygger framtidens 3D-fabrik för kontoret
2016-02-02 De vill skriva in sig i 33-historien


press 33-listan

Our history

We are Wematter; a 3D-printer manufacturer that will place a 3D-printer in every office with the same strength as mass-produced products today.

We at Wematter believe in our planet, we believe that we can change the world so that even our future generations can live here under the same conditions as we. Therefore, we must reduce our use of materials, energy and transport. We believe that what most destroys our nature is products that are manufactured, transported and stocked but never come into use.

That is exactly what we want to change and our vision is to make locally produced products possible. We believe that product-owning companies should manufacture the product where the customer is located and not where the factory happens to be. With 3D-printing technology we use only the amount of material needed and minimal transport.

We make it possible with our proprietary laser-powered 3D-printer, our cloud service and our unique business concept; to rent 3D-printers, not sell them. With our technology, we can deliver stronger 3D-printing in plastic composite than anything else on the market today. We can let the customer focus on developing successful products and we can monitor and optimize the 3D-prints through our cloud service.

It is with this vision that we were founded in 2014 in a small basement premises in Linköping, it is with this vision that we have grown from 2 people to the large team of 20 people we are today and it is with that vision we will make this world to a better place. That is precisely why we are needed, that’s why We matter.

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