SLS 3D printing for Orthotics

An introduction to SLS 3D Printing for Orthotics

Many companies have recently switched from traditional manufacturing methods to 3D printing orthoses. Why is this happening now? And what is SLS 3D printing anyway?

PDF: An introduction to SLS 3D Printing for Orthotics

Learn more about how SLS 3D printing can be used to quickly manufacture durable, lightweight, and repeatable orthotics that can be adapted to the patient’s needs.

Selecting an SLS 3D Printer for Orthoses

Today, almost any orthosis should be printable using the SLS 3D printing technology. Very large ones may require very expensive machines, though. Below are a few examples of what is already being done. The list is by no means complete, and companies regularly add new, innovative 3D-printed orthoses to their product range.

Which SLS 3D printer is most suitable for printing orthoses? This depends on several aspects. In most cases, the very large, industrial SLS 3D printers are too expensive and too demanding in terms of operator skills, industrial facilities with separate ventilation and special power outlets. Instead, look for machines that you can install without having to change your business.

Orthoses printed with Aurora SLS powder

Case: 3D printed orthosis replaces traditional plaster

Play Video about 3D printed orthopedic cast

Wematter, together with the Linköping company Skymaker, within the framework of the IMA (Innovative Materials Arena), has for the first time in Sweden replaced traditional orthopedic plaster with a bio-based 3D printed orthosis.

The hand was scanned in with a 3D scanner and based on it, a model adapted for additive manufacturing in Wematter’s machines was developed. A number of variants were then set to be selected by the patient. The whole thing was supervised by the doctor who also decided to shift from traditional plaster to 3D printed orthoses.

The result is that the patient can now live a more accessible life with the opportunity to exercise, shower, wash dishes, and get dressed without problems. This is the first step to digitizing care and transferring experience and knowledge from industry to improve the everyday life of patients.

A complete ecosystem for orthotics production

Gravity SLS 3D printer

SLS 3D printer

The Gravity SLS 3D printer and its ecosystem can be placed almost in any environment and is easy to get started with regardless of previous additive manufacturing experience.

Orthotics Software

Cloud software

Our Deep Space software lets you easily place 3D files in the virtual build volume and stack many copies on top of each other while keeping material consumption down.

Orthotics Materials


We offer one of the broadest ranges of SLS powder for additive manufacturing, covering everything from really soft materials to ones made really stiff with fiber reinforcement.

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