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Order 3D prints from us at Wematter today! We use the best technology to get your prints. If you are interested, just contact us below. The technology we exclusively run is SLS.
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Exemples of 3D-prints


Wematter delivers 3D printed production parts to companies in dental tool manufacturing, drone companies and product development consultants.

Examples of 3D printing are strong current connectors, 1: 1 scale models of a braking system for the automotive industry, and controls for medical use.

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What our customers say

“Wematter is a company with fast customer service and 3D-prints of top quality.”
– Kaj Dahlström, Dafo Brand AB

“Fast delivery and outstanding quality – we are very happy.”
– Jakob Algulin, Sectra Medical Systems

”Yet another fast delivery, I will return several times.”
– Fredrick Nyberg, Cejn AB

“I am very satisfied, fastest and best service of all I have tested.”
– David Bicho,

“Fast, high-quality HD printing, highly recommended!”
– Niclas Rydmark, Sharpman Engineering

“Good and smooth service! Will be returning with new orders.”
– Ann-Louise Lindborg, Bestic

“I am very satisfied with both the delivery time, the print quality and the price!”
– Lars Åberg, Cooee Design