Materials and our Process

We have developed a machine, process and materials that makes us one of a kind that can compete with SLS and have better material properties. To read more about our process, scroll down, to read more about our materials, click the links below.

Why Wematter?

Wematter’s uniqueness lies in the fact that we can, with our proprietary software and process, produce really strong and tough prints.
To really make it clear for you, we have sent samples from our prints to a third party lab that demonstrate that we are stronger. Below we have a compilation of how our 3D prints look if you radiate them compared to the competitors’ absolute best machines. Let the pictures speak their own clear language.
Röntgad 3D-utskrift

3D-prints that matter

In order to truly demonstrate our strength, we have let our head of sales hang freely in a 3D-printed chain made by us in “Pure Strength”.


Pure Strength

Pure Strength is really a material of pure strength. It is a biobased material made of Polyamide 11 which provides very good mechanical properties. We manufacture the Pure Strength details under high temperature in a powder bed with a high power laser. The result creates a strong product that is flexible, ductile and resistant to both water and UV light. In the process a very fine-grained plastic powder is used to obtain the desired details, which means that there are basically no restrictions on the geometries in this manufacturing process.

Lämpar sig bäst för 3D utskrifter med fin ytfinish.

    • Complex geometries
    • UV-resistant
    • Incredibly strong
    • Can be ordered in black or white

Examples of 3D-prints made with Pure Strength


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