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Introduction to Wematter

Wematter is a so-called PaaS (Product as a Service) company that provides and develops services in the additive manufacturing space. The business is based on Wematter’s proprietary 3D printing system, the core product of which is a polymer printer with powder-embedding technology. This technology is, together with associated equipment, leased to customers on a long-term basis. The 3D printer is CE marked as IT equipment and can be placed directly in an office environment or in a customer’s laboratory.

Wematter’s pioneering end-to-end solution is broadening commercial opportunities in a market that is set to grow sevenfold in four years and currently has a turnover of €5 billion. Wematter’s solution makes it easier and faster for developers to develop new products or for workshops to produce durable and fully functional spare parts. The PaaS business model creates the conditions for stable and recurring revenues from both rent and the company’s manufacturing materials.

Share information

Wematter has issued shares in a series. All shares carry equal rights to the company’s assets and profits. The company’s shares are denominated in SEK and have been issued under Swedish law. The shares carry preferential rights in future issues unless otherwise decided. Each share carries equal rights to dividends and to any surplus in the event of liquidation. There are no restrictions on dividends other than those provided for by Swedish law. All shares are freely transferable. The shares are registered in electronic form in accordance with the reconciliation provision in the Articles of Association. The share register is maintained by Euroclear.

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