Wematter Gravity
SLS 3D-printer

Additive manufacturing for product development directly at the office

Easy to use

Saves working time through automation and makes SLS more accessible

Prints that last

Print parts strong enough for mass production

High reliability

Always connected to avoid production interruptions

World-leading 3D-printer technology

Now you can print finished products with SLS-quality without the need for powder rooms, dedicated staff and complex settings. 3D-printed components from Wematter Gravity have the same strength as injection molding and can replace both milled aluminum and tool investments. The advantages of additive manufacturing with the strength from conventional manufacturing.

When Wematter was founded, there was a clear ambition to develop a system that is as easy to handle as FDM-printers, with the same capabilities as SLS with comparable strength to conventional manufacturing. The result is Wematter Gravity, an SLS 3D printer that produces production-quality components and unique powder handling that enables manufacturing in the office.

Large build volume

SLS-Prints produced and delivered in hours

Reduce lead time and cost on your SLS 3D-printed parts by having your own SLS 3D-printer at your office. Print functional prototypes, tools and replacements in your own additive manufacturing system without extensive labour time, or powder safe facilities. See how you can save time and money with Wematter in the example below.

Pieces per print job30
MaterialAurora PA11
Running time12 hours
Typical service bureau cost per unit70 EUR
Wematter 3D-printed cost per unit3,5 EUR
Cost savings*
95 %
Time savings*85 %

*compared to price and leadtime for a service bureau print job

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Advanced SLS technology in a user-friendly format

For the first time ever, there is an SLS system adapted for the broad masses. Wematter Gravity SLS 3D-printers are CE-marked for office use, hospital environment, lab or workshop.

This means that there are no requirements for dedicated staff, no investments in infrastructure and, above all, no complex powder handling. Imagine that all that is needed is to connect the internet and a standard power socket, the installation goes in an instant. For the first time ever in the history of 3D-printing, no  7 kW three-phase, no dedicated cooler, no complex ventilation and no extraction are needed.

Benefits with the system

Strong & Flexible 
SLS 3D-printed parts with mechanical properties as strong as injection molding without the need of support structure. 

Patented powder system
Refill Wematter Gravity in a very easy way with our patented powder packaging. The powder is being recycled and stored inside Gravity for your next print. 

Work remotely
Start print jobs, monitor and follow the process through your phone, laptop or tablet with the help of Wematter’s IoT platform. 

Easy to use for everyone
Self-instructing software and machine guide feature with ergonomic solutions for an effective printing process.

No More Service Plans
Cloud connected, novel machine built for a sustainable long term rental. Self-diagnosing and troubleshooting through the cloud.

Just Plug & Play 
CE-certified, easy to install eco-system that is up and running in less than an hour from delivery. You only need a normal power socket for your AM production.

Wematter SLS 3D-printing system

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Gravity SLS Specifications

Build Volumeup to 300 x 300 x300 mm
Precision0,1 mm
Footprintless than 1 square meter
Machine Dimensions170 x 75 x 60 cm
Print TechnologyPowder Bed Fusion > Selective Laser Sintering
12 mm per hour
310 kg
ConnectionsPower 230 V, 50-60 Hz / Ethernet 1 Gigabit

Gravity product sheet

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A stable thermal environment with Atmosphere

Atmosphere is a unit that provides improved control of build chamber conditions in the SLS 3D-printer Gravity for increased part density, surface finish, and mechanical performance. Atmosphere communicates with the 3D-printer Gravity‘s software and creates a more stable thermal  environment during the printing process.


  • Increased mechanical properties of components for large print jobs
  • Increased powder recyclability rate of unsintered material
  • 70 % improved strain at break of printed parts when using Atmosphere with recycled powder compared to printing without Atmosphere
  • Increased aesthetic characteristics for white printing material
  • Enables increased efficiency of powder when printing components

Atmosphere product sheet

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Deep Space software for 3D-printing

Upload your .step or .stl files directly to our web application and prepare your 3D-printing jobs from any computer.

Plan your job of 3D-prints, press the button and our in-house developed algorithms will prepare your job, pack it, place it in the queue and meanwhile our Gravity 3D-printer warms up to be able to start on your command.

We have focused on productivity and user-friendliness so that more people can discover the benefits of Additive manufacturing.

Deep Space software on monitor

Wematter Gravity introduction movie

Frequently asked questions

Yes, completely! Every single screw, every single program code and every little detail we have developed entirely ourselves. In addition, we manufacture the printers using our 3D-printers that print parts for our 3D- printers that print parts for our 3D-printers that…

Our 3D-printer that can deliver high-strength details in an office environment, our unique cloud solution, our business model and our technical know-how about plastic construction and material expertise.

We mainly turn to mechanical consulting companies with in-house development and producing companies with specialized mechanical products with a large element of plastic. Do you work for such a company? Call us today and we will talk about your needs over a coffee!

Imagine only paying for the prints you need. With Wematter you rent a 3D-printer and we think of the rest. You do not have to worry about machine, service or installation costs. You also get free updates, lower liquidity burden and worry-free delivery. Get in touch and we will be happy to tell you more about all the benefits.

We help you pack the 3D-prints with our cloud service. Our proprietary smart algorithms handle multiple 3D-objects simultaneously and stacks them as tightly as possible. You get your prints faster and efficiency increases while consuming less powder in the process.

The absolute biggest disadvantage of a powder bed 3D-printer (SLS) is the powder handling. We at Wematter have solved this with a very simple solution where you refill powder with our patented powder packaging. Pick up the package, place in the opening and turn around. It could not be easier.

Absolutely! You do not have to think about service, that material is out of stock or downtime when it really matters. We think of everything, so that you can focus on the important thing: to create.

The lead time for a complete Gravity ecosystem is four weeks

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