Orthopedic manufacturer Footlabs acquires a Wematter SLS 3D printing ecosystem

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Wematter and Footlabs

Imagine your Orthotic Technicians scanning the body part that needs supporting. Then simply 3D-printing the scan into a perfect orthosis right there, in your offices. That is how reality is about to look like at Footlabs.

If your business is providing your customers with orthoses, your orthosis technicians are going to be your key resources. At Footlabs the orthosis technicians can now scan the body part they need to be supported by the orthosis. Then proceed to print it without any hassle. About as simple as making a cup of coffee in the coffee machine. 

Orthosis” is an externally applied device that exerts external forces on part of the body to support joints or correct deformity. Orthoses are often used to improve biomechanical function, encourage proper joint alignment or protect an existing limb. Some orthoses are used to immobilize a body part to allow a fracture to heal. This film shows how an orthosis can be used:

Better life with 3D-printed objects

The high-capacity SLS 3D printer from Wematter is called Gravity. The 3D printer about as big as the coffee machine, and it is just as easy to install. It is approved to be placed in your office environment, there is no need for extra ventilation, no need for extra power cords. The software is cloud-based. Also, everyone at the office can learn how to operate it, with only a 30-minute introduction. 

“I’m happy today as Footlabs will bring our products to the people who really will benefit from them. Knowing that people will have a better life with 3D-printed orthoses from Gravity makes me very proud”, says Robert Kniola, Founder and CEO of Wematter.

About Wematter AB

Wematter’s pioneering end-to-end solution is broadening commercial opportunities in a market that is set to grow sevenfold in four years and is currently worth €5 billion. Wematter’s €100 000 solution makes it easier and faster for developers to create new products. Or for workshops to produce durable and fully functional spare parts. The product-as-a-service business model creates the conditions for stable and recurring revenues from rent and the company’s sale of manufacturing materials. 

About Footlabs Ltd

Footlabs aims to become the UK’s leading supplier of prescription orthotics. The company was founded to ensure that every customer receives the level of attention required to create an orthotic solution that’s right for them. This is made possible by combining the extensive experience and technical expertise with state-of-the-art technology – including digital scanning, computer modeling, and innovative software, often developed in-house. 

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