Easier to work with multiple objects in Deep Space

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Selecting multiple objects in Deep Space

In the latest update of the Deep Space software, we added a feature that makes it easier to duplicate objects in the 3D-scene to create multiple copies of the same model. Now it is also possible to select several objects to work with at the same time, which facilitates the handling of a larger number of objects with which you want to make adjustments.

To select multiple objects, hold down CTRL while clicking on the objects with the left mouse button, either directly in the 3D scene or the text in the object menu on the left. You can select all objects simultaneously using CTRL + A.

If you want to rotate the selected objects, the most recently selected model is used as a reference. You can find the rotation and position of the object you selected last in the left pane.

Watch a demo of how multiple objects can be changed simultaneously in Deep Space in the video below.

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