Easier to 3D-print many copies of the same model

David Boström3D-skrivare

Deep Space Object duplication

Duplicate objects before 3D-printing

New functionality in Wematter’s Deep Space software makes duplication of objects faster the 3D-scene. It is now possible to upload a model from a CAD file and then, with a few simple shortcuts, create a copy of the selected object in x, y or z direction. This makes it faster to create multiple rows of the same model and print a larger volume without having to manually move each object and place them at the proper distance to each other before printing.

When an item is selected, hold down Shift and drag the object in any direction with the left mouse button. To redo the action, use Ctrl + D and if something should go wrong or if you change your mind, use Ctrl + Z to go back.

Watch a demo of the new duplication feature in the video below.

Other updates

Another addition to the latest software update is the ability to lock the object’s rotation direction and position before Stacking, which is the function that places all objects in optimal relation to each other.

When uploading documents with long file names, you can now also hover over the name to display a dialog with the full name that is otherwise hidden.