Density 2022

Wematter Density
Water jet cabinet

For depowdering of 3D-printed parts

Efficient workflow

Integrated compressed air activated at the touch of a button

Plug in anywhere

Closed system without need for sewer or water connection

Safe and sound

Clean water through an innovative filtering process

Clean your 3D prints in no time

 By using a closed system with recirculating water and a unique filtering system, Wematter provides a totally safe, easy-to-use and powder-free approach to quickly cleaning SLS 3D prints.

By using water that is pressurized up to 100 bar, the Density extracts and cleans the 3D-printed components in seconds. The water binds the powder, thus preventing it from spreading. See how you can save time and money with Wematter in the below example.

Pieces per job30
Depowdering methodWater blasting
Water tank capacity20 liters
Running time20 minutes
Water pressureup to 100 bar

By utilizing an innovative filtering process the water stays clean, the printed parts are powder-free and all the excess powder is gathered in an accessible powder filter inside the chamber.

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A unique depowdering solution


  • Requires a 230V socket
  • No water connection or drainage system is needed
  • Spacious, well-lit workspace


  • Water jet reaching 100-bar pressure
  • Plug in, fill with water, and get started in under 30 min
  • Easy-to-access main filter

Safe working environment

  • Water binds powder, prevents dust
  • Sealed workspace prevents contact with powder
  • Unique multi-step filter system

Closed system
Closed and easy-to-use powder cleaning system–operates independently from drainage or water connections

Simple filter changes
Easily accessible powder filter in the chamber. Just remove the steel grid and replace the filter.

No dust spreading
By using pressurized water that is pressurized up to 100 bar, extracting and cleaning 3D-printed components takes seconds, and the water binds the powder to prevent it from spreading.

Product benefits

Density 2022

Just plug in
Quick installation: only a standard electrical outlet is needed

Good overview
The work surface is a spacious and well lit stainless steel grid that stops small parts from being washed away.

Prints ready immediately
Integrated compressed air dries the water-blasted parts at the touch of a button.

Density specifications

Density 2022

Control panel - Water level indicator, lights, wiper and air/water switch


Connections – Only requires a standard power 1 phase cable


Water tank – Holds 20 liters of water which is refilled directly in the chamber


Clean water - HEPA active coal filtering system ensuring clean and safe water quality

Depowdering methodWater jet blasting with recirculating water
Size when closed170 x 75 x 66 x cm (H x W x D)
Size when open225 x 75 x 66 cm (H x W x D)
Input supply1 x 230 V AC 10 A
Power consumption1400 W
Weight170 kg
Water pressure50-100 bar
Compressed airRecommended working pressure 4-6 bar
 Maximum pressure 8 bar

Density product data sheet

Density demo

Frequently asked Questions and answers

Parts printed from powder in an SLS system emerge from the process with a powdery or grainy surface. Depowdering refines the component’s finish to create the desired structure. Excess powder is removed from the print’s surface and recesses.

Wematter’s Density uses water to clean the prints because the water binds with the dust. This process makes depowdering safer and more efficient.

Different techniques have different results. A common method is blasting the prints with compressed air. The excess powder is collected with a vacuum cleaner. The downside to this method is that it is time-consuming and leads to powder blown everywhere.

Density is a cleaning cabinet developed for finishing SLS prints using water. Tap water is pumped into a pressurized jet sprayed from a nozzle attached to a pistol grip. The spray removes powder from the print, and the excess dust binds with the water and drains through a filter. The filter captures the dust while letting water pass back into the system.

Although the Density is developed for SLS printing, it is used by producers to clean objects constructed with polyjet, FDM, MJF, and other AM techniques.

We build new cabinets to order. The delivery time is currently 4-6 weeks.

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