Deep Space

Software for the Gravity SLS 3D printer

From 3D file to printed part in no time

Deep Space is the software suite within Wematter’s Gravity 3D printing system that allows you to prepare,
manage and monitor print jobs from start to finish anywhere in the world

Fast and simple

When you import your 3D models, the smart algorithm places them in an optimized layout. And you can always re-nest your build at the click of a button


Through Deep Space, you can start a new print from anywhere in the world. The internal camera feed allows you to monitor each print: whenever, wherever.

For the whole team

Our queue feature makes collaboration easy: no more third-party platforms to share files with a colleague from your team or someone from another department.

How does the printing process work?


Upload your 3D files directly to Deep Space in the browser


Choose the number of copies of each model and let Deep Space nest them


Preview the build to make sure you're satisfied


Press Print and monitor the print job remotely

Smart functions that make everyday life easier


Automatic nesting that saves time and lowers powder consumption


Submit your support tickets directly in the interface


Make sure all parts are spaced far enough apart to avoid sintering together

Repair & convert

Repairs broken files and converts them to readable format if damaged

Build preview

Previews the build job before printing so you can see how the prints will look

Part queue

Queue your prints or collect queued jobs from your colleagues


One of the advantages of a powder bed 3D printer or SLS is that you can position the objects however you like in space. A process that can take a long time to perform is to determine all the positions of the objects, in all three dimensions.

That’s why we at Wematter have developed Stacker, a software that automatically places the objects in the build volume and also saves you time and increases productivity.

Build preview

Build preview allows for more detailed information about the build job before printing your scene. Pre print checks are also done for the Gravity 3D printer along with a validation of the scene to avoid any errors.

This makes it easier to verify that you will print in the correct material and color for your parts, for example when managing multiple Gravity 3D printers.

Part queue

In Deep Space you can set up different types of users. Users who have control over which print jobs should start or users who want to submit prints to a common queue.

The new queue function enables several users to submit 3D models and prepare one or more print jobs and plan it based on the best time, utilization rate and their machine fleet.

Service panel

Full control over everything from when the next service opportunity takes place to the status of machines, which materials and settings they have.

Control the 3D printer remotely during a service visit if you are a dealer or partner of Wematter.

Deep Space product brochure

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Compare system versions

 Deep Space EssentialDeep Space Essential+Deep Space Enterprise
Cloud service✔✔✔
Integrated support✔✔✔
Help guides✔✔✔
Build preview✔✔✔
File conversion✔✔✔
File repair✔✔✔
Live camera stream✔✔✔
User licences11 Your whole team
Spacing  ✔
Queue parts  ✔

The latest updates

Deep Space users can now edit part amounts with a simple text entry,, and enjoy automatic layouting of added parts.

Automatic layouting in multiple-part 3D builds

Sick of wasting time manually clicking and dragging new parts just to get an overview of your 3D build? This latest update in Wematter’s Deep Space software solves that. Our latest update cuts monotonous, time-wasting work from your 3D building workflow. Rather than having to duplicate your parts or repeatedly

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Wematter releases several new features in its Deep Space software

– Streamlines workflows, saves work time, and reduces powder consumption Swedish 3D printer manufacturer Wematter makes advanced industrial technology available in a user-friendly complete solution, including both hardware and software. As part of the company’s growth journey, the company is releasing new products in the Deep Space software suite. A

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Time estimation as your object 3D prints

Have you ever stood in a queue without knowing how long you’d have to wait your turn? We all know how frustrating that uncertainty can be, especially when you have pressing deadlines. With the latest update for Wematter’s Deep Space software, we’re leaving that uncertainty behind thanks to our new

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