New Marketing Director, Daniel Delviken

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Daniel Delviken Marketing Director

We invest in recruiting talented managers to strengthen and accelerate our expansion. At the beginning of 2022, we welcomed Daniel Delviken as Marketing Director!

Hi Daniel! What is your role at Wematter?

My role is to work with the Marketing team and use the Marketing toolkit as effectively as possible. We will support Sales, build the Wematter brand, and communicate with investors. It’s also my role to ensure that Marketing moves in step with management and the rest of the company.

What have you done before?

I’ve spent an awful lot of time in marketing, working for companies like Carlsberg, Unilever, DeLaval, and Sherwin-Williams. My most recent role was with Softube AB, a Linköping-based e-commerce company in the music industry.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to use my free time as free time, i.e. I try not to book it up too much. My two children are becoming increasingly independent, but in return, we have two dogs (German Spaniel) who are enormous fun to train. Otherwise, I divide the year into two periods – hunting season and non-hunting season. During the four months from October to January, I hunt almost every Saturday and Sunday. During the other eight months, I do whatever my wife and family decide. There will be some trips to Norway, with mountain hiking and fishing.

What attracted you to Wematter as an employer?

Wematter is, in my view, a very exciting company, with unique patents and great market potential. I will be leading a competent team, and it will be fun to shape the Wematter brand and drive sales together with Sales.

Daniel Delviken

Daniel Delviken with Aurora powder packing in front of the SLS 3D-printer Gravity.

Wematter’s core values are respect, pioneering, harmony, and sustainability. Which is your favorite and why?

All the four core values listed by Wematter are important and form a good whole. For me as a team leader, respect and harmony are perhaps the most important. They are essential for a team to function. I find it hard to choose between them, but perhaps respect is the most fundamental after all.

About Wematter AB (publ)

Wematter’s pioneering end-to-end solution is broadening commercial opportunities in a market that is set to grow sevenfold in four years and is currently worth €5 billion. Wematter’s €100 000 solution makes it easier and faster for developers to create new products, or for workshops to produce durable and fully functional spare parts. The product-as-a-service business model creates the conditions for stable and recurring revenues from rent and the company’s sale of manufacturing materials.

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