Management team

The Managing Director has appointed a management team to support him in his work. The management team is Wematter’s day-to-day decision-making group. It works on specific business transactions, monitors value creation throughout the company, tackles sustainability issues, and ensures that the company maintains financial flexibility. Risk assessments are also carried out regularly and overall strategy is evaluated.

Robert Kniola, CEO

Robert Kniola

Managing Director since 2014
Year of birth: 1989
Education and experience: Robert Kniola holds a degree in mechanical engineering and has completed the Academy of Directors’ basic course for board work and its extended course with a focus on publicly traded corporate governance. He has experience in corporate governance since 2014.
Current mandate: CEO and Chairman of the Board of Cubler AB since 2015.
Holdings: 757,300 shares and 3,333 warrants series 2021/2026

Henrik Kennås, ny CFO på Wematter

Henrik Kennås

CFO since 2021
Year of birth: 1966
Education and experience: Henrik Kennås holds a Master of Science in industrial engineering from Linköping University. He has held senior positions as CFO, CFO, COO and VP in various companies since 1997. He was a board member of Lejonfastigheter AB from 2002 to 2006 and of Sankt Kors Fastighets AB from 2006 to 2014.
Current mandate:
Holdings: 300 qualified employee stock options.

Jens Gabrielsson

Jens Gabrielsson

Sales and Marketing Manager since 2021
Education and experience: Jens Gabrielsson studied ADP/Computer Science at the university level. He has management and board experience from several companies, such as Sales Director at Indentive Operations AB, Zenterio AB and COO and Executive Vice President of Vodvision Europe AB.
Current mandate:
Holdings: 300 qualified employee stock options