Time estimation for your 3D prints in real time

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Have you ever stood in a queue without knowing how long it will be before it’s your turn? We all know how frustrating this uncertainty can be, especially when you have a deadline to make. With a new update for Wematter’s software Deep Space, this uncertainty becomes history thanks to the time estimation feature! In our latest software update, a … Läs mer

High-density 3D-prints through improved thermal design

David Boström3D-printer, Software

Wematter upgrades its software for thermal control in its fleet of Gravity machines through over-the-air updates Since the foundation of Wematter in 2014, the company has had the ambition to make things smarter globally by delivering desirable SLS solutions. One of the main goals, in order to make their SLS 3D-printer desirable, is to output high performing 3D-printed components. To … Läs mer

Exporting STL files for 3D-printing

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There are many different ways of exporting .stl files for 3D-printing and SLS-printing. This is a guide to clarify the process, so you can optimize the settings for your specific needs. What is STL? The STL format is the most widely used format for additive manufacturing, more commonly known as 3D-printing. STL stands for Standard Tessellation Language or STereoLithography. The … Läs mer

Easier management of the Gravity SLS 3D-printer with new Deep Space 2.0 in the cloud

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Stacker feature in the Deep Space software interface

A whole new software for the 3D-printer Gravity that takes SLS-technology to the office environment and makes additive manufacturing more user-friendly than ever for product developers and engineers Wematter’s revolutionary SLS-printer gets new software with Deep Space 2.0. This increases productivity in a variety of ways for designers, hospitals, orthopedics and production technicians who want to take their CAD-models to … Läs mer

Cyber security in additive manufacturing

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Wematter as a company has a vision of making things smarter globally. That is why Wematter has an industry-leading cloud software strategy to unlock customers’ full global potential. This strategy is built on best-in-class security, focusing on protecting critical customer information in a way that guarantees business continuity and reduces risks. Wematter is keen on using best practices through repeatable … Läs mer