Wematter expands its 3D-printing ecosystem with new hardware for improved mechanical properties

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Wematter Atmosphere provides improved control of build chamber conditions in the SLS 3D-printer Gravity for increased part density, surface finish, and mechanical performance Atmosphere communicates with the 3D-printer Gravity‘s software and creates a more stable thermal environment during the printing process. This results in more durable printed components and at the same time reduces the wear of the material that … Läs mer

Easier to work with multiple objects in Deep Space

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Selecting multiple objects in Deep Space In the latest update of the Deep Space software, we added a feature that makes it easier to duplicate objects in the 3D-scene to create multiple copies of the same model. Now it is also possible to select several objects to work with at the same time, which facilitates the handling of a larger … Läs mer

Exporting STL files for 3D-printing

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There are many different ways of exporting .stl files for 3D-printing and SLS-printing. This is a guide to clarify the process, so you can optimize the settings for your specific needs. What is STL? The STL format is the most widely used format for additive manufacturing, more commonly known as 3D-printing. STL stands for Standard Tessellation Language or STereoLithography. The … Läs mer

Easier to 3D-print many copies of the same model

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Deep Space Object duplication

Duplicate objects before 3D-printing New functionality in Wematter’s Deep Space software makes duplication of objects faster the 3D-scene. It is now possible to upload a model from a CAD file and then, with a few simple shortcuts, create a copy of the selected object in x, y or z direction. This makes it faster to create multiple rows of the … Läs mer

Thinner goods and walls with new software

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Wematter presents a whole new software which adapts Wematter Gravity’s inner system to handle thinner goods and allows printing of finer models with higher precision. Wematter’s could software Deep Space can by analyzing 3D-models now detect geometries that are thin or extra hard to print and adapt the machine for the tougher task. It is these improvements that make it … Läs mer

10 free softwares for 3D modeling

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CAD-model in the 3D-modeling software Autodesk Fusion 360

We at Wematter love CAD software because they are the ultimate tools for creating drawings and printing designs for a 3D printer such as our own Gravity SLS. To get started with 3D modeling and Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools quickly, we recommend starting with free options. Today there are plenty of different free 3D programs to use but choosing … Läs mer