Cyber security in additive manufacturing

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Wematter wants to make things smarter globally. That is why Wematter has developed an industry-leading cloud software strategy to unlock customers’ full global potential in an internet of things. This strategy is built on best-in-class security, which focuses on protecting critical customer information to assure business continuity while reducing risk. … Läs mer

Wematter Gravity 2020 SLS 3D printer


Tomas, a newly hired materials physicist, shows Henrik how the latest 3D print turned out on the Gravity 2020.

Wematter, a Swedish manufacturer of SLS 3D printers, launched the Gravity 2020, a SLS 3D printer complete with an ecosystem that supports design engineers’ ability to produce durable 3D-printed components in an office environment or workshop. By launching the newest iteration of its Gravity series, Wematter allows designers and engineers … Läs mer

5 tips to succeed with 3D printing in plastic

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Plastic is today a well-used material for manufacturing technical products and is available in all possible colors, shapes, and functions. There is a general perception that plastic is not durable and that plastic breaks easily. The fact that parts made of plastic break is usually due to incorrect use, aging … Läs mer