Nationally recognized high school with technology profile invests in additive manufacturing

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Wematter Gravity at Berzeliusskolan
Berzeliusskolan, with one of Sweden’s most extensive technology programs, has entered into an agreement with high-tech company Wematter in Linköping to use the SLS 3D printer Gravity 2021

Berzeliusskolan high school in Linköping has as a result of the development taking place in the technology industry, chosen to invest in advanced equipment from Wematter to give its students the best possible conditions in education and a great start into their professional careers with additive manufacturing as a foundation.

“We are extremely excited to welcome Berzeliusskolan as the first customer and partner in our push towards technical education and academia. We are confident that the collaboration with Berzeliusskolan will prove to be a first successful example with more schools to come during the next few quarters,” says Jens Gabrielsson, Wematter’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

3D-printing as a foundation in new courses

Nils Winge, a high school teacher in CAD software, construction, engineering, and construction works is an ambassador and exponent for 3D in education which he also has lectured in for other teachers and schools. He also sees that this technology with the Gravity SLS 3D printer will be able to form a foundation in new courses, such as technology specialization of scientific specialization.

“We think that the proximity to the school, the professional treatment, the rental concept and the opportunity to recycle materials and use plant-based plastic feels like a very good choice. The overall impression of both Wematter as a company and their products has so far only been positive. We’re now up and running and we think the system is easy to use and that the prints are of high quality”, says Nils.

Wematter Gravity at Berzeliusskolan

Nils Winge, teacher at Berzeliusskolan and Pierre Harrysson, sales representative at Wematter together with the 3D printer Gravity and Density water jet cabinet

“At Wematter we think it’s exciting that the first school we sign an agreement with is a high school with great ambitions that is nationally recognized. As a former student at the school, together with my co-owner Henrik Lundgren, it obviously feels extra fun for us,” says Robert Kniola, Wematter’s founder, and CEO.

Wants to remain at the forefront of technology specializations

Berzeliusskolan aims to retain its position at the forefront when it comes to their science and technology profile and with that in mind, they want to allow their students to go from idea, through design, and finally, a complete 3D printed part.

“Now we look forward to seeing future prints given the level we have seen in the students. We also hope that the school and the students will benefit greatly from Gravity and that the future generation will understand the benefits of additive manufacturing from the start”, concludes Robert Kniola.

About Wematter

Wematter manufactures advanced office-sized Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printers. The company exists to accelerate the move towards additive manufacturing by lowering barriers to entry. Its innovative 3D-printing SLS technology lets companies quickly prototype ideas, which increases overall design and engineering efficiency.

Wematter’s Nordic roots suffuse the company’s creative cycle. The team focuses on balancing user experience, ease of use, sustainability, and performance in all of its activities. The resulting quality and reliability are testaments to not just a client focus but to corporate responsibility in the face of a changing environment and industrial landscape.

Wematter team 2020

Wematter attracts top customers like Etteplan, Volvo, and Husqvarna. The company was founded by design engineers working with FDM, SLA, and FDM 3D printers, injection molding, and CNC-milling. Since its inception in 2014, Wematter has delivered 3D printers and 3D-printed components to car manufacturers, hospitals, and aerospace clients.

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