Automatic layouting in multiple-part 3D builds

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Deep Space users can now edit part amounts with a simple text entry,, and enjoy automatic layouting of added parts.

Sick of wasting time manually clicking and dragging new parts just to get an overview of your 3D build? This latest update in Wematter’s Deep Space software solves that.

Our latest update cuts monotonous, time-wasting work from your 3D building workflow. Rather than having to duplicate your parts or repeatedly press the plus sign, you may now simply type in the number of parts needed and Deep Space will update the build for you. This will greatly streamline the process for users working with OnDemand printing.

Furthermore, duplicate parts no longer stack on top of the original object. Deep Space will automatically lay these out in a grid, enabling quick, at-a-glance feedback on the number of parts that will fit in your build: no manual dragging necessary. Print right away if you like.

How it works:

  1. Highlight the number under the Parts-panel, next to the title of your 3D model.
  2. Input a new value.
  3. Press the Enter key. Deep Space does the rest of the work!

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