3D-printed faceshield for battling Corona (COVID-19)


Wematter makes its contribution to the “CORONA crisis” by 3D-printing face shields.
During the Corona crisis around the world, demand for protective equipment has created shortages at hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Latest update

Wematter has been in contact with various parties and hospitals and through dialogue it has become clear that certification work is difficult to get through temporary protective equipment.

An important aspect of the 3D-printed visor is that they must be CE marked and also clear other requirements that are set by the health care. One of these requirements is that the equipment can be sterilized.

Furthermore, Wematter Gravity SLS-3D printers can print very complex shapes, which means that the whole product is made in one piece.
Wematter has therefore produced an example of a product, 3D-printed protection visor, which is printed in a single piece with a known one.
This means that the entire visor, except the protective plastic itself, can be sterilized and treated before it is sent to the wearer.

Our material Aurora can withstand both high pressure, relatively high temperature and alcohols that can be used in sterilization.

Therefore, Wemter’s products can be autoclaved in temperatures up to 150 degrees. This indicates that 3D-printed protective equipment printed in Wematter’s machines can be used. In addition, you can print many articles at once in a single high-speed laser run.

Update 2020-03-26

Following feedback from the care and inspiration from others who are struggling to get protection visor, we have now redesigned the model slightly.

Nowadays, the model has a splash guard over the eyes and a snap function to put in a plastic cover / visor.

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Update 2020-03-27

“Save lives that Matter” has caused mixed reactions and therefore is removed.

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This is done to support healthcare and also https://wefightcovid.org/

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