Intensive expansion for Wematter in 2021

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Wematter sales department

In a very short time, Wematter has expanded its sales force and grown with several new people. One of these is Pierre Harrysson who we will get to know a little more closely in this post. The picture shows Wematter’s sales department, from left to right: Richard Bremer, Johan Westermark, Rickard Svensson and Pierre Harrysson. “We have had very strong … Läs mer

Wematter expands its 3D-printing ecosystem with new hardware for improved mechanical properties

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Wematter Atmosphere provides improved control of build chamber conditions in the SLS 3D-printer Gravity for increased part density, surface finish, and mechanical performance Atmosphere communicates with the 3D-printer Gravity‘s software and creates a more stable thermal environment during the printing process. This results in more durable printed components and at the same time reduces the wear of the material that … Läs mer