Easier to 3D-print many copies of the same model

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Deep Space Object duplication

Duplicate objects before 3D-printing New functionality in Wematter’s Deep Space software makes duplication of objects faster the 3D-scene. It is now possible to upload a model from a CAD file and then, with a few simple shortcuts, create a copy of the selected object in x, y or z direction. This makes it faster to create multiple rows of the … Läs mer

Easier management of the Gravity SLS 3D-printer with new Deep Space 2.0 in the cloud

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Stacker feature in the Deep Space software interface

A whole new software for the 3D-printer Gravity that takes SLS-technology to the office environment and makes additive manufacturing more user-friendly than ever for product developers and engineers Wematter’s revolutionary SLS-printer gets new software with Deep Space 2.0. This increases productivity in a variety of ways for designers, hospitals, orthopedics and production technicians who want to take their CAD-models to … Läs mer

Thinner goods and walls with new software

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Wematter presents a whole new software which adapts Wematter Gravity’s inner system to handle thinner goods and allows printing of finer models with higher precision. Wematter’s could software Deep Space can by analyzing 3D-models now detect geometries that are thin or extra hard to print and adapt the machine for the tougher task. It is these improvements that make it … Läs mer